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Lower Forge Brewery, 14 South Main Street, Medford NJ 08055
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Our Sampling Room Taps

Common Questions from Our Brewery Visitors

Do you serve food?

New Jersey law prohibits Production Breweries such as Lower Forge from serving food, but we encourage visitors to order from one of the great local Medford restaurants that deliver to our door.

Why are tours required?

When breweries gained the ability to open Sampling Room such as ours, New Jersey Law was amended to require tours for visitors before any beer can be poured for you. [NJSA Title 33:1-10]

Is the brewery family friendly?

A brewery is very different than a bar, and we encourage families to visit and love to share the science behind brewing to fans of all ages. We also carry soda in our sampling room.

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Events & News Updates

Upcoming Events

Medford Lakes Brewfest

April 8, 2017
Vaughn Hall, Medford Lakes

Hosted by the Medford Lakes Colony, several of New Jersey's finest local craft brewers will be on hand to chat all things beer.

Sample at least a dozen local craft beers from your souvenir tasting glass. Plus food, DJ and fun, all while helping renovate children's playgrounds in Medford Lakes!

Trivia Challenge

April 13, 2017
Lower Forge Sampling Room

Join us for the first ever Lower Forge Brewery Trivia Challenge. This will be our first night in a series, so if you are interested in forming a team and entering the challenge - not just another "trivia" contest that you see at bars and other breweries, but a true test of your knowledge of local history, New Jersey lore, craft beer, regional artists, South Jersey musicians, and other related topics.

Updates from the Brewhouse

Web Site Progress Report

It's been an amazing journey over the past 11 months here at Lower Forge Brewery. I actually waited a day to post this, since it's definitely not something for an April Fools' Day post - but we've managed to exceed every goal we've planned for our brewery's first year and are thrilled to see what the coming year will bring!

We started out taking years of homebrewing experience and translating it into commercial production - not an easy task, especially when our focus above all things was on quality beer. We tuned and tweaked every recipe, and within a few months found a rhythm that helped us expand production to begin offering our beers to wholesale accounts.

P.J. Whelihan's Medford Lakes was the first to bring Lower Forge on tap, followed quickly by accounts from one end of the state to the other. Instead of only concentrating on local accounts, we wanted beer brewed in Medford to be available throughout New Jersey - with thoughts to our own expansion and having a larger footprint with the bigger equipment coming to Lower Forge.

On April 15th, we celebrate a year of being the first licensed brewery in Medford by all Federal, State, County and Local authorities. It's been an amazing journey, and in May we will be celebrating a year of our brewery being open to visitors with anniversary specials and beer releases that are exciting to share with our friends and fans.

We're still building our web site, with tools to help find our beer and learn more about our brewing processes - come back to our web site soon, to see the latest updates and explore our beers & availability.

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