Thank You to Everyone who voted for us as “Best of Burlington County”

Last month, we were excited to find out that the friends & fans of Lower Forge Brewery had voted for us in the “Best of Burlington County” contest held by the Burlington County Times.  Even more exciting was that all that support brought us home second place awards in two categories!

Our first award, “One of the Best – Craft Beer Brewery”, was a competitive category this year.  If you didn’t know, Burlington County has one of the highest concentrations of breweries in New Jersey and from the riverfront to the pine barrens, you can find great locally brewed beer.  Our “One of the Best” win was a second place finish (not bad for our “rookie” year) to Village Idiot Brewing in Mount Holly.  It’s exciting to see the support that small breweries like ours experience from everyone, and it’s a great sign to see the transition from the big beer in red or silver cans dominating our market to a plethora of independent brewing options including our own beer.

Our second award, “One of the Best – Local Tourist Destination”, was a bit of a surprise – since none of us realized that people were voting for our Sampling Room as a “Tourist Destination”.  Our brewers and staff are proud to be known for being a fun, family-friendly, and unique place to visit – for both locals and others from as far away as Europe.  Our combination of unique beers and an experimental style that isn’t afraid to try new styles helps attract everyone from craft beer “die-hard” fans to those who are new to independent and flavorful beer.  Our Sampling Room, designed by our own Original Abbie, was inspired by the beer gardens that appear every Summer in Philadelphia parks and gardens – with a relaxed atmosphere for friends, couples, families, and groups of all sizes.

Thank You to everyone who voted for us!

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