This Week at Lower Forge! (9/11-9/17)

It’s going to be a busy week at Lower Forge Brewery – with three events on the agenda and a trio of happenings here at the brewery on South Main Street. We start behind-the-scenes this week as we’re heading into the home stretch on a number of production expansion projects that have been building since our maintenance week in July.  Expansions in fermentation, cold storage, packaging, and production improvements are all part of our “Year 2” plan that will help us continue to introduce our beer in local bars, restaurants and retailers!

Speaking of retailers, we’re working behind the scenes on a new “Find Our Beer” feature for the web site that will help show the bars, near and far; restaurants; and retailers that have or will be carrying Lower Forge beer.  Remember, our brewery can’t expand or exist without the support of our partners – so, support the retailers that support New Jersey breweries!

In our sampling room, our release planned for last week (we apologize for the delay) will be available later this week after a few extra days in the cellar – considering Cinn & Redemption was our most popular release last fall… we think everyone will be happy that we didn’t rush a favorite before its time.  

The Quiz Kids return on Thursday; Live Music on Friday; and the Oktoberfest Party on Saturday.  Since this is a weekend to sip on New Jersey based adult beverages (a hat tip to our friends at New Jersey Craft Beer) – we can’t forget the fundraiser for Distributing Dignity Thursday evening; the Freedom Park Oktoberfest Saturday afternoon; and the Jersey Crafts & Drafts Festival on Saturday as well – making this one crazy week!

Events in the Brewery Sampling Room

  • This week we’ll be open for a normal schedule: Thursday 5 pm to 9 pm; Friday 4 pm to 10 pm; Saturday 2 pm to 10 pm; and Sunday 1 pm to 5 pm 
  • Thursday – In our Sampling Room, our first September Trivia Night is here.  This week’s theme is “Back to School!” – from the Quiz Kids: “An oldie with a twist! It’s that time of year and we’ll quiz you on all things school like famous schools, supplies, movies, teachers pets’…it’s all in there! Plus we’ll have you wishing for summer school with our useless trivia! Don’t miss this one!” Don’t forget to check out their web site for the question of the week!
  • Friday – The evening may be a little crazy as two of our Committee members take over part of it to celebrate a birthday with some locally brewed craft beer, and we thought it would be fun to add some music to the party with Marc Delgado performing Live for everyone in our Sampling Room!
  • Saturday – At 2 pm, we start the Oktoberfest on Main Street Party!  Join us as shops and restaurants up and down our street celebrate Oktoberfest with specials and more – and we’ll be capping this off with a Live Performance from the South Jersey Pops Oktoberfest band – This is something not to be missed!

Events outside the Brewery

  • Perkins Center for the Arts (Collingswood) is hosting a fundraiser on Thursday night for Distributing Dignity, a local non-profit- a BYO-Bra* Party. From the event page: “Join us for an evening of bra-inspired art, food/beer, fun, community and bras, bras, bras in support of Distributing Dignity, a South Jersey-based non-profit that collects and distributes *NEW bras (with tags still attached) to women in need in partnership with other organizations.”  We’ll be joining Forgotten Boardwalk and Devil’s Creek with a few of our new releases available to enjoy for everyone who comes out and supports the event.
  • Locally on Saturday – the Medford Business Association is hosting Oktoberfest at Freedom Park!  Taunton Forge Liquors (also a retailer for four packs of Lower Forge cans at their location at 200 Tuckerton Road) will be hosting a beer garden that will include 2 of our fall releases alongside other local and national beers.
  • Meanwhile, in Freehold, the New Jersey Brewers Association is hosting Jersey Crafts & Drafts on Saturday – a festival to celebrate the breweries, distilleries, food makers, and more that are native to the Garden State.  While we will not be presenting at the festival, a special one-time canning run of an extremely limited Lower Forge release will be available to VIP ticket holders… meaning you should take advantage of any remaining VIP tickets available now!

Brewery Releases

  • Friday – after a short delay leaving the cellar last week, Cinn & Redemption should finally arrive at our brewery taps. Cinn & Redemption is our popular fall Pumpkin Ale returns with combination of 30 lbs. of Roasted Pumpkin, Brown Sugar, Cinnamon, Ginger, and Vanilla tickle our senses and inspire us to enjoy the longer evenings and cooler nights.

Notes from the Brewers

As I type this, it’s a pleasant September morning – not unlike a Tuesday morning 16 years ago that started off unlike any other day.  I’m not sharing my thoughts on the anniversary of 9/11 to upset anyone – but being a New Jersey brewer, and (when I’m not at the brewery) being a Firefighter in New Jersey means that September 11th holds a place as a day of remembrance for those lost in New York City, Pennsylvania, and at the Pentagon. Our brewery has many friends & fans among local police officers, firefighters, EMTs, and various military branches that are stationed nearby – the past sixteen years have brought changes to all of us both needed and frightening in the aftermath of that terrible day.  It’s not just something you say, when you say “Never Forget”.

There is a final thought I’d like to share with any of you – for a day wrapped in tragedy, we also celebrate one of the largest rescue operations ever conducted with countless lives saved in New York and Washington by heroic responders. Remember the lives saved and those who didn’t hesitate to help their fellow brothers and sisters in (and out of) uniform. Raise your glass tonight and thank those who are no longer with us, and those who still bear the memories of that day – the herculean efforts they undertook in the middle of unspeakable chaos kept many alive even while the law enforcement officers, firefighters, medics, and military responders sacrificed some or all of themselves to make this happen.

As we say when you visit us: stay safe and we’ll see you soon!


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  1. Piney Power says:

    I don’t have Facebook, is there another way to follow your events?

    1. Sean Galie says:

      You can also follow events on the web site calendar page and through our Untappd event feed.

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