This Week at Lower Forge! (9/25-10/1)

As September winds down, we’re continuing to move from our summer beer line up to our fall beer line up as we work on our brewery expansion.  We expect to have some updates next month on our new fermentation tanks, packaging, and second walk-in chiller as they leap off the drawing board and begin appearing in the brewery.

The Canning Update!

If you’ve visited our Sampling Room lately, you may have noticed a few changes and items moved around, including a new display refrigerator behind the bar – and this month that has been filled with cans of our own Flat Spot Lager, Magical Mosaic IPA, Squeeze the Day Radler, and Watermelon Wanderlust Pale Ale.

The response to these releases has been enormous and as a brewery canning on a very small scale line that we’ve developed ourselves (since we’re below the minimum for most mobile and outsourced canning solutions), it’s exciting to see such demand from our customers.  With the first few weeks of can packaging and sales behind us, we can finally start looking at our program so far and share some thoughts with our friends & fans.

At this point, we’ll continue to work hard on releasing our beers in a can format – your feedback has been exceptional… but with demand far beyond our expectations – it may take all of October to begin the work needed to produce additional beer for not only our Sampling Room, but nearby retailers that have pre-ordered cases for their own shelves.

Events this Week

  • This week we’ll be open for a expanded schedule: Tuesday 6 pm to 9 pm; Thursday 5 pm to 9 pm; Friday 4 pm to 10 pm; Saturday 2 pm to 10 pm; and Sunday 1 pm to 5 pm 
  • Tuesday – The Medford Woman’s Club is hosting their annual Meet-and-Greet in our Sampling Room –  where prospective members and community neighbors can come meet MWC leaders and learn about their efforts, while enjoying some local craft beer and snacks offered by the MWC.
  • Thursday – In our Sampling Room, another September Trivia Night is here, hosted by the Quiz Kids! Make sure you follow their web site for future themes and their question of the week!

Notes from the Brewers

Today, we’re brewing Weizenheimer today, a new Dunkelweizen (Dark German Wheat Ale) recipe from our brewers, and had to share something interesting for those who have followed some of the spookier posts from our brewery.

Many of our friends & fans know that our building has history – as a former printing shop, music store, township post office, general goods store, and family home.  The columns in our sampling room to the wall between the brewery and front still show the original footprint of the 14 South Main Street house dating to the nineteenth century.  On our Facebook page, we’ve shared some unusual things captured on camera over the past year and half.

So this afternoon, when Pola and I heard someone say, “Hello!” from the rough location of where the house’s back door would’ve been in the 1800s (it’s the clean keg pallet now), we weren’t surprised. (too much). When we heard a few more voices – and no one else is here, or next door, or out front or back… well, at least whatever the explanation may be, we always feel warm and welcome here (even when it’s just the brewers and no one else).

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