You Know Nothing, Jon Snow!

The North remembers, but do you? Quizzo starts at Lower Forge Brewery this Thursday at 7 pm! Repeats now on EVERY Thursday! (with adjustments & additions due to holidays, follow our Facebook events page for more info!)

This Week’s Theme:
Seasons 5 & 6 – Game of Thrones!

Tywin Lannister is dead, Joffrey too… but the Lannisters are in great debt to the Iron Bank of Braavos. Winter is fast approaching with no Starks to be found in Winterfell.  Sansa is stuck in the Vale with creepy Littlefinger! Dorne is seeking vengeance for Prince Oberyn.

Jump to season 6 where they’re now bracing for imminent winter. Public shaming of Cersei in the streets of Kings Landing. Jon Snow knows nothing but is Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. Ramsay Bolton has filled the late Joffrey’s place for the reigning psychopath of Westeros.

Next week: Beer & Baseball mixed with current events!
Will your team hit a home run? Thursday 
3/29 at 7 pm!

Kicking off Spring Break with a Special Trivia Event, “Are you smarter than a sixth grader?” with questions created by our very own Sixth grader, Neil Galie, who is also MCing the event! 

Neil has created 4 rounds of questions based on things he’s learned in our fabulous Medford school system, up through this year! 

🤑Double discounts for Teachers & Educators!🤑
We always offer a 5% discount when you show your school ID, for this event we are offering 10% off for educators & school employees as an appreciation of all the hard work you do!
💰Special prizes for the winning teams!💰

Eight beers on tap this week, come try them all! 2 flights covers all your bases!
Order 2 flights, try them all!

Growler fills are available for Healthy, Wealthy & Wiezen; Squeeze the Day; Sojourner’s Saison; and Legends & Lies. 4 packs of Cans of Catch Me If You Can and Main Street IPA are available at the brewery and at local retailers.

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