What’s the deal with Saison & Seinfeld?

Our farmhouse saison is a Belgian pale ale with a fruity, herbal taste for warmer weather and spring on the horizon. Featuring a note of European malts and classic hops, we think this will be the perfect choice the first hints of green budding outside.

This week’s Trivia theme: Seinfeld -vs- Friends! The best shows of the 1990’s are back, so dust off your nostalgic knowledge & come out for some brews & trivia with your very own Elaine, Kramer & George… or Phoebe, Ross & Rachel, whatever the case may be!

Don’t forget that Trivia Thursdays are now EVERY Thursday as we have moved Open Mic’s to the Second Friday of the month! (Next Friday, March 9)

Next Friday, March 9th is our monthly Acoustic Open Mic Night! Whether you’re a musician or not, come out to enjoy the amazing talent that performs – We’re always amazed by the local talent! We have moved our event to Fridays rather than our previous Thursday dates to coordinate with the Medford Arts Center’s Art Walk which also happens on the second Friday of the month.

Weekly question preview for our Seinfeld vs Friends Trivia Theme:

In the episode “The Shower Head”, what country do the shower heads that Kramer and Newman buy come from?

General knowledge rounds too for those of you who aren’t up on your 90’s television!
Watch our Facebook Events for March’s trivia theme reveals! We hear there is another Game of Thrones trivia…back by popular demand!


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