It’s Festival Week!

The Weekend is here for Lower Forge Beer!

Rejoice, children of the 90’s! Now is your time to shine! Class of 2000? You’re in luck. Tonights trivia theme is 90’s & 00’s music! No Diggity! 🌻⭐️🌚🌙🌻 starts at 7!

Guess what’s back on tap and more local them ever? Healthy Wealthy Weizen! A light, easy drinking beer. A favorite of many! German style wheat beer but this time brewed with 100% New Jersey ingredients! That is Jersey Fresh!

This Sunday is Medford’s annual Art Wine & Music Festival! Main Street will transform into a car show, music venue, art show, and wine tasting! We will have 8 beers on tap and a few surprises up our sleeves! Stop in for a brew!

We are also having the Midnight Judges, a Jazz ensemble on our front porch. So make some time to come in! We will be opening at 11 when the festival starts and open until the last customer leaves! At lease 5pm.

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