The Weekend is Here for Beer!

Tonight! Don’t miss this talented musician!

Nashville’s Rick Davis, now a local and performing for us at Lower Forge! Country & Classic Rock! Covers & originals.

It is going to be a fun night! Come out have some beer and listen to some wonderful local talent!

Rick Davis started his music career as a singer / songwriter in the late 90’s and moved to Nashville in 2001 to try and break into the music scene. He was a recording artist with multiple songs in Nashville but did not secure an artist contract. He was fortunate enough though to win several awards for singing and songwriting during his music career and played in front of crowds up to 50,000+ people!

In 2003 he and his wife decided to concentrate on my business career and start a family with my beautiful daughter being born that year. Since that time, he has only played music for his wife and kidss until recently when they noticed the open mic night ad and talked him into coming out. It definitely has awoken his love of performing music again. And aren’t we lucky that it did!

Double IPA Magical Mosaic is on tap. Now! New this weekend! Showcasing the aroma of Mosaic hops with the bitter of Warrior hops balanced on a malt base of NJ grown ingredients! Keeping things fresh and local with this new addition to our tap list. We will be filling growlers if it this weekend too! Our NINTH beer on tap this weekend! We have been busy brewers!

NINE! Count them…nine beers on tap this weekend! Come on out and try them, flights, full pours, and growlers available! If you still have your Fathers Day growler coupon, this is the last weekend to use it!

Next Thursday’s trivia theme: Name That Tune!

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