Moonbeam IPA is here!

Moonbeam New England Style IPA Weekend Release!

It’s the anticipated release of our 🌙Moonbeam New England style IPA🌙!

A pilot NEIPA for us that’s hopped using Nugget Hops grown in Hammonton; and Cascade & Mount Hood hops grown in Mount Laurel. Joined together with New Jersey grown malts from Rabbit Hill! A totally Jersey Fresh creation!

A citrus forward aroma with a quick hoppy flavor following it up. We think you’re going to live this new IPA! Come in & try it this weekend!

Show us that you checked into to the event on FB or Instagram & get a free sticker! Link to the event if you click the image above.

Why Moonbeam? If you’ve been to the brewery you’ve likely met our resident Brew Mom, Pola. She started as Grandma to the Galie Grandkids, but is now affectionately called Moonbeam. You will need to get the full story out of her!

Tonight’s Trivia Theme is Disney Villains! So get all your poor unfortunate souls together to be on Team Ursula!

This weekend try our beer at the Flying W’s Airshow! There will be 3 different varieties available!

Tap List for this weekend! We have one more that might be a surprise release but it’s too close to call….you’ll have to stop in!
click the image for a link to more tap details!

It’s Local Love Thursday! His happens every Thursday on Main Street!many businesses are open for a Happy Hour type shopping experience with special events and deals between 5-7,& 7-10! Checkout the FB event for more local love info!

Last week we hit you with a lot of info about Savin NJ Beer and thanks to your help, the signatures of 28,000 craft beer lovers, our local & state legislatures we are happy to announce that the state suspended the special ruling on Tuesday. Which means we are back to business as usual. It also means we won that battle, but not the war! If you haven’t signed the petition yet you still can. There is legislation coming, and we will need support to be able to keep doing all the great things we are doing! We truly appreciate your support! Link to the petition:

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