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The Committee of 250 is a limited membership group, named after the anti-Prohibitionists of the 1930s and the efforts to legalize opening a brewery in Medford that our founders inspired in 2013.  This membership group enjoys access to private events such as tastings, beer design sessions, music events, artistic showcases, and much more.  They receive regular perks from our brewers to introduce them to our beers and share with friends the fun of being a part of the extended Lower Forge Brewery family.

Each member receives a free flight of beer or complimentary growler fill each month; quarterly special, limited, and exclusive bottle releases; weekly discounts on items ranging from sampling room pours to growler fills to merchandise; early access to can and bottle releases; and semiannual brewery merchandise gifts to enjoy and collect as part of the extended Lower Forge Brewery family.

We do this to help our members enjoy the latest creations coming from our brewers – and share the interesting pieces of breweriana, merchandise, and other items that we enjoy as craft beer lovers with those who join us as part of the Committee.

Membership starts at $150 per year, with discounts for multiple year and lifetime membership terms.

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Common Questions and Answers
about the Lower Forge Committee of 250

What does each membership include?

Each Member receives the following perks as part of their annual membership as a Committee:

  • 12 Free Flights or 32 oz. Growler Fills (the “Monthly Perk”, members can choose or alternate between the flights and fills)
  • Free Flight on Your Birthday (the “Friends Birthday Perk”)
  • Accumulate Hop Points on Each Sampling Room Visit (Redeemable for Discounts, Merchandise and More Free Flights)
  • Quarterly Special Bottle Releases (4 per year, in the past this has included rare bottles of our Perseverance beer and other experimental small batch releases)
  • Semiannual “Beer Gear” Perks (2 per year, includes custom manufactured items such as our Mini-Keg Growler, Brewery Hoodie, Copper Mug, or Beer Camp Kit in the past)
  • Discounted Growler Fills & Packaged Beer
  • Access to private events & tastings, private can/bottle releases, and special events in our sampling room

Note: Your membership dues include some of these perks as a calculated pre-payment to comply with New Jersey regulations and law.

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How do I receive my membership perks?

Each member has a profile setup with us that includes an email address and phone number.  Perks will be emailed to that address on a regular basis and saved to that member profile for convenience during your visit to the brewery sampling room.  To redeem a perk, the member can bring the email they received with them to the brewery or have a member of our brew crew look up their profile to redeem any saved perks.  If you are interested in becoming a member and do not have an email address, we can make alternate arrangements to assist you, give us a call at the brewery at (609) 975-9532 for more information.

When do I receive my membership perks?

  • Each month, on the first of the month, you’ll receive your chosen monthly perk (free flight, growler fill, or alternating choice) to your email inbox as well as saved to your member profile for easy retrieval.
  • Your free birthday flight is sent automatically by our email server based on the information provided when you signed up for your membership.
  • Hop Points accumulate each visit to our sampling room and are texted or emailed to you as part of our Friends of the Brewery program.
  • Quarterly bottles are announced in January, April, July, and October with redemption instructions and release dates.
  • Beer Gear perks are announced in March and September with redemption instructions.
  • Discounted fills, occasional perks, and other member benefits are emailed out on a regular basis as part of our promotional schedule (this ranges from weekly to bi-weekly throughout the year).
  • Private events & workshops take place at minimum monthly with extra events being announced throughout the year.

How can members update their perk preferences (or anything else)?

For Committee of 250 members who need to update their perk preferences (free flights, free growler fills, or a mix of both), renew or extend their memberships, update their member information, or anything else – you can stop by the brewery and have one of our brewer-owners assist you with this process or you can fill out our Membership Update Form to instantly notify us of these changes.  We’ll confirm this information after receiving it to make sure that there are no errors or issues.

Members: Update Your Member Information, Renew Your Membership, or Switch Your Monthly Perk Preferences

How does the quarterly special bottle release for members work?

Our membership receives messages separate from the main Lower Forge Brewery Mailing List or the Friends of the Brewery special Mailing List advising them of bottle release schedules and session and including a code for perk redemption.  This code is also saved to the member record for easy lookup by a member of our Brew Crew for redemption on your next visit.  For members that can pick up these bottles on an announced release day, they’ll be reserved in the Sampling Room at a special time indicated in the message.  If a member is unable to pick up on release day, we can make arrangements to keep their beer in our refrigerator until pickup is arranged or their next visit.

What type of events do Committee members get access to?

Committee members gain access to private tastings, workshops, and behind-the-scenes events that we feel bring you into our experience as small craft beer brewers in this explosion of the independent beer landscape.  A private tasting is a special opening date in the brewery sampling room for Committee members to try new beers, redeem perks, and otherwise enjoy a special event (such as a screening of a movie, music session, or private meet-and-greet).  Unless otherwise mentioned in the invitation, members are often invited to bring guests with them to private tastings.  A workshop is different from a private tasting as seating is limited and for members only.  Due to these limits, non-member guests are unable to participate.  Workshops may be brainstorming sessions with our brewers to develop new recipes or experimental beers, recipe tastings, beer education or held in partnership with a Lower Forge Brewery account to explore food pairing ideas or another part of craft beer culture with our beer.

How often does the Committee hold events?

Our goal is that each member has the opportunity to enjoy a minimum of 12 events per year (with our new format of small group events, more will be held but may have limited space – we will rotate members to make sure everyone can enjoy this format), but the schedule is not evenly distributed throughout the year.  January, February, July and August generally do not have any events scheduled due to winter weather issues or scheduling issues (few members are available at the height of summer).  Members will receive notifications of events & workshops at the email address on file with Lower Forge.  Weeks of major events in Medford such as June’s Art, Wine, and Music Festival, September’s Oktoberfest, October’s Halloween Parade, or December’s Dickens’ Festival will usually not contain any member events.

Am I allowed to bring guests to Committee events?

Committee private tasting and workshop invitations will indicate if members are welcome to bring guests – usually, private tastings are open to members and their guests; however, most workshops are for members only due to limited seating.

Am I still eligible for a birthday flight or “Friends of the Brewery” loyalty perks if I’m a Committee member?

Definitely!  Even better, as part of our Committee enrollment, we will enroll you into the Friends of the Brewery or update your existing Friends account if your email or phone number is already previously enrolled.  Not only will you be eligible for Hop Points like any members of the public but you will have additional Hop Points for each Committee event attended!

What did the past members receive as their annual membership perk?

In our first Committee season, our members received glassware or growlers from our initial orders to celebrate our opening after years of construction.  Our friends at Original Abbie also designed a special shirt to commemorate our founding membership for each member to collect or wear.  Our monthly flight perks began later in 2016, with almost 80% of our members redeeming their perks throughout the year.

In our next season, we invited members to take our beer on an adventure with specially manufactured mini-keg growlers from ManCan for each member – compatible with portable MC party taps or usable as a durable stainless steel growler for your adventures.  Additionally, we began packaging our beer which culminated in the beginning of our membership bottle release program including limited edition bottles of our bourbon-barrel-aged anniversary stout, Perseverance.  Despite considerable pressure from non-members, these bottles were reserved and exclusively released to members – easily becoming the most popular perk we’ve ever announced.

Now, we’re able to expand the monthly perks further to include growler fills alongside tasting flights and add additional rewards alongside our promotional Friends of the Brewery program.  Additionally, by merging our Committee Perk redemption with our Square point-of-sale system – we are able to account for additional and unusual rewards throughout the year whether it’s a simple discount on your next visit or a specific beer release that has rewards for members who attend!

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What is the Military Membership Transfer for Committee of 250 Members?

We’re proud of the number of Committee members who join us while serving at the Joint Base or other nearby Armed Forces installations – however, we know the risk of new orders and redeployment for military members and will gladly allow a member to transfer the remainder of their membership year and unredeemed perks to someone else.  We do not normally allow membership transfers, but understand the unique circumstances that our military members face when they receive new orders or deployment notifications.

Miltary Members: Use Our Member Update Form for Membership Transfers

Who are the Committee Alumni?

The Committee of 250 Alumni are past members who are not currently active members.  We will sometimes offer open membership slots to alumni first before announcing them to the public, if there are no waitlisted potential members.

What is the Committee Waitlist?

The Committee of 250 Waitlist are potential members who expressed interest in joining when there were no open slots available.  Membership is strictly limited at 250 members, and so far during each year, we have reached membership limits at certain points where we had to begin a wait list for potential members.

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