Hosting Private Parties & Tastings at the Brewery

We love being part of your events, birthday parties, corporate gatherings, or organization meetings here at Lower Forge Brewery.  We find that an exclusive tour event paired with private tasting makes for the perfect craft beer lover’s party.  We’ve hosted birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, bridal showers, groomsmen parties, combined wedding parties, rehearsal dinners, theological discussion groups, book clubs, women’s clubs, homeowners associations, union meetings, and so much more – read below to see what we can do for your next event.

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Private events and parties can only be scheduled outside of the normal brewery retail hours.  This means that evening availability is generally Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  Availability until 5 PM is available Thursday, until 4 PM on Friday.  Saturday lunch private parties and tastings are available before 2 PM, Sundays before 1 PM.  Sunday afternoon private events will be considered with the ability to provide advance notice of our hours changing to the public to prevent any confusion.

Evening event rates are $350 for up to 4 hours, which pays for the event set up, at least two of our staff members and post-event clean up. Beer consumed will be billed as a tab as an additional charge, in compliance with state regulations.  When a date is confirmed, an invoice for a $100 deposit will be generated to hold the date.  This deposit is refundable only if cancellation is greater than 30 days prior to the requested date.  If a private party is scheduled with less than 30 days notice, a $150.00 non-refundable deposit is required.

No outside alcohol may be brought into the brewery but event organizers may provide their own food, or can contract by the caterer of your choice.  Lower Forge Brewery is prohibited by New Jersey regulations from providing food services or consulting for event catering.

Our tasting room provides a warm, welcoming environment for your event with comfortable accommodation for up to 50 persons.  We have the ability to provide connections to our TV for USB-based media, certain streaming services, or direct HDMI connection.  Our in-house music system is compatible with popular online streaming services such as Spotify, Pandora, Amazon, or Apple if the event organizer creates playlists or other media arrangements before their event.

Tours are required prior to pouring beers for attendees, this is a New Jersey law for all breweries.

It is up to the private event organizer as to how the beer tab for the party will be managed – in the past, some organizers have had an “open” tab where attendees can order what they want to drink without restrictions; while other organizers have provided attendees with drink tickets (pre-purchased or paid on redemption at the event close) and have had attendees pay individually if they wanted to order more than what was provided as part of the event.

We do have sodas, bottled waters, and other non-alcoholic beverages available for sale but organizers are permitted to arrange for their own soda or water.

Contact Us to Start Planning Your Event

Other Options for Event Organizers:

  • Bring in your group on an open evening with advance notice and we can make arrangements to identify people in the group on a tab, and (if possible) save you a section of the Tasting Room to sit together (dependent on day & time of arrival). The group can bring in their own food, appetizers, etc.
    (No additional charge for this option but there is a loss of privacy and special attention.)

Special Arrangements:

  • Special arrangements can be made for a group to have one to two hours of a private event time prior to the brewery opening when there are special circumstances or there will be 20-25 adult attendees. The cost is $175 to have the brewery open early Saturdays with a private two hour time pre-opening for your event, this includes at least an hour earlier for decorating and set up prior to guests arriving.  On Sundays, it is $75 for a private hour pre-opening for your event.
  • Half of that charge will be applied to the beer tab. Beer consumed in excess of this amount will be billed regularly as outlined above with event organizer managed tabs or other ticketed arrangements for specific consumption.
  • Attendees can be identified so that their beers can be put on a tab.
  • Food can be brought in for the group as arranged by the event organizer.
  • No outside alcoholic beverages may be brought onto the licensed brewery premises.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions.